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Houston Texans Kids Triathlon

Sat April 13 - Sun April 14 Katy, TX 77494 US Directions

Event Rules

For any issue not specifically addressed in these Rules, the Event Director has the final call on penalties and disqualification.

Penalties. The type of penalty for violating a specific rule is listed at the end of the rule as either “T” for Time or “DQ” for Disqualification. Time penalties shall be administered according to the table and are added to the participant’s final time.

1st Offense - 1:00 minute
2nd Offense - 2:00 minutes
3rd Offense - Disqualification

  1. Proper swimwear must be worn. DQ
  2. No flotation devices of any kind may be used during the swim. DQ
  3. No artificial propulsive devices such as fins, paddles, or gloves may be used. DQ
  4. Swimmers must be able to complete the entire course using any stroke. Swimmers may not make forward progress by pulling on lane ropes, swim gutters or any other inanimate object. T
  5. Goggles or face masks may be worn but are not required.
  6. If provided by the event, swimmers must wear the assigned swim cap throughout the swim. T
  7. Participants must follow instructions given by lifeguards and officials including prohibitions against running on the pool deck or diving in restricted areas. T or DQ at official’s discretion
  1. The transition area is open to participants and ONE parents, only. When transition closes for competition to begin, only participants, registered volunteers, and race officials may enter transition. Finishers may not retrieve gear until all participants have finished the cycling portion and have begun the run. T or DQ at official’s discretion
  2. Competition apparel (shoes, socks, shirts) must be placed next to the bicycle at the rack and may not be taken to the pool or swim start area. T
  3. Bicycles must be placed in the rack according to the directions given by race officials. Bicycles may be racked in the assigned area, by the handlebars, the seat or by using the kickstand. Bikes placed on kickstands must be in the designated area, in line with other bikes, and may not extend out into the lane of travel. T
  4. Participants may not interfere with other participants’ gear. T or DQ at official’s discretion
  5. After completing the cycling portion, participants must return bicycles to an upright position in the same assigned location before beginning the run portion. T
  6. No riding bicycles in transition. Participants must walk or run with their bicycles and may not mount until out of transition and in the designated mount zone. T
  7. Event specific Rule - All athletes must claim their bikes by the time posted on the SCHEDULE OF EVENTS page. All unclaimed bikes may be left unprotected after that time.
  1. The bicycle must be road worthy and in safe operating condition. DQ
  2. The bicycle shall have two wheels. No training wheels are allowed. DQ
  3. There must be at least one working brake on each of the two wheels unless the bicycle was manufactured with only one brake, in which case, the working brake shall be on the rear wheel. DQ
  4. The bicycle may be on-road, off-road or youth style. No recumbent style bicycles are allowed. DQ
  5. Only standard drop, straight, or curved handlebars are allowed. No aero or time trial bars may be attached to the bike or used during competition. All handlebars ends shall be solidly plugged. DQ
  6. No disk wheels or wheel covers are allowed. DQ
  7. Race officials reserve the right to disallow any bicycle deemed unsafe. Any unusual bicycle must be approved by race officials prior to competition.
  1. Cyclists must wear a helmet approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission for road cyclists age 5 and older. No time trial, “chrono,” or “aero” helmets with a tail may be used. DQ
  2. The helmet must be securely fastened prior to mounting the bicycle and at all times while riding the bicycle. The helmet may not be unfastened and removed until the participant has completely dismounted. DQ
  3. Cyclists shall wear shoes at all times while on the bike. DQ
  4. Cyclists shall ride in a safe manner, which includes: a. Riding on the right side of the lane; T b. Riding no closer than two bike lengths distance behind a leading cyclist; T c. Passing on the left of the slower cyclist; T d. Riding in a straight line without swerving, veering, or blocking the forward progress of other cyclists. DQ
  5. Race officials may remove and disqualify any cyclist who appears to ride or behave in an unsafe manner.
  1. Participants shall run or walk the entire course. DQ
  2. Participants shall wear shoes at all times while on the run course. T
  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of participants or their parents and supporters will not be allowed. Participants must treat others with courtesy and respect. No rude, abusive, or discourteous language or behavior will be tolerated. T or DQ at official’s discretion
  2. Participants must complete the prescribed course in its entirety. DQ
  3. No personal audio devices or headsets may be used or carried during any portion of the event. T
  4. No unauthorized assistance of any kind is allowed. Parents or other non-participants may not run or ride a bicycle with a participant nor may they provide participants any food, fluid, or equipment aid during competition. T
  5. Race numbers must be displayed at all times. Swimmers must be clearly body-marked, cyclists must display their bike numbers, and runners must wear their bib numbers. T

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