Race Day Logistics

The time between events varies depending on the event and what heat you're in. Start to finish it lasts about 3 1/2 hours. We do 8 heats for each event (except for 100 and the 5K). There are 2-3 minutes between each heat.

There are 8-16 people in each heat, fewer in the faster heats, more in the slower heats. The exact number varies from year to year depending on the seed times of those that register. We try to group people so everyone has someone to compete against. The same people will be in each heat of the Mile, 400, and 800. The 100 is run in groups of 6. The 5K is run all at once.

No starting blocks, of any type, are allowed in any of the events. Runners may wear spiked shoes in any of the events, but the spikes may not exceed 1/4”.

Any runner who fails to check-in to their assigned heat on time will be disqualified.