WRATH 24/48 Texas Endurance Runs

Fri August 6 - Sun August 8 Fort Worth, TX 76179 US
** FAQs **

Do runners get a medal?
Runners who do at least a minimum of one full lap will get a medal.
What do I get if I run lots of miles? Runners who hit mileage milestones will get a window sticker. We'll have stickers for 50K, 50 miles, 100K, 100 miles and 150K. 48-Hour Runners who do at least 100 miles will also get a hand-painted brick.
What do I get if I run the most miles?
We will mail you a special award.
What are the course records? This is the first year on the new course, so there are none. Which means that you can set one!

Are WRATH48 / WRATH24 USATF Sanctioned? Yes, they will be.
Is the course USATF certified? No. Because of the weather and surface, it's unlikely that anyone would set a record on this course. However, it will be professionally measured for accuracy and distance.
What is the course surface like? Some gravel, some grass, about 0.6 miles of asphalt. Something for everyone!
Where can I see a map of the course?
See the Course Map and Description on the Event Info page.
What about elevation?
The out-n-back on Staree Lane is a false flat, and the run up to the dam has a little slope to it, but other than that, the course is flat, flat flat!
Is there any shade on the course? Not much.
Will we change direction? Not this year. (We need to run the course a few more times before making that decision.)
How is the course marked?  The grass sections, including the dam, will have landscape flags for daytime and glow-lights at night. The out-n-back will be coned off. (The gravel sections really don't need anything.) 

Will I need lights? We always recommend lights, especially on the grass/trail sections of the course However, if the night is clear, the moon may illuminate the paved section enough for some runners. 
Do I need reflective gear? Yes. Staree Lane is a quiet country road, but it does have some traffic, and there are no sidewalks. So reflective gear of some sort is required.

Do I have to run the whole time? No, you can run as little or as much as your body wants.. Most runners will run through the night until the heat of mid-day, and then take a rest or slow down until it gets cooler again.
Is there an official Race Hotel? No. There are several hotels at the Jacksboro Highway exit, 2 exits away from the race exit. 
Can I set up a chair and cooler at the edge of the course? Can I set up a tent or Canopy? Personal aid stations, tents and shelters can be set up on starting at 4PM on Friday, and should be removed by 8PM on Sunday. All tents and shelters need to be on the grass. At this time, there are no restrictions on tent/canopy location; we'll update as the date gets closer.
Can I set up a cot in the Gathering Place? Updated 07/16: there will be limited spaces in the Gathering Place for fully vaccinated runners. The primary purpose of the Gathering Place is to provide a cooling location. This means that the Medical setup gets first dibs on the available space, but the remaining socially-distant spaces will be allocated on a 'space-available' basis at check-in with 48-hour runners getting preference. Our insurance provider asks that runners that are not fully vaccinated limit their time in the Gathering Place to getting food. Please note that if there is a sharp increase in COVID numbers, our insurers may request that no one sleep in the Gathering Place.
Can I sleep in my car? The course is small enough that you can use your car as your aid station or shelter. Please be aware, though, that some parking spots are not directly on the course. 

What kind of food will be available? All the usual Aid Station Food (chips, cookies, crackers, candy, gels, etc); Stomachs can turn very easily in this kind of heat, so we'll have a wide selection to tempt you. All food and beverage will be individually packaged. 
What kind of beverages? We're working on lining up sponsors, but we'll have hot coffee for the overnight, sodas and waters for the day. Our sports drink will probably be Hammer Heed
What about ice? There will be LOTS of ice! Runners need ice for cooling and ice for beverages 
Will there be any real food? Yes, we'll have individual heat-n-eat foods, hot water, and 'just add water' soups. Basically, if it comes in a cup and you can microwave it, we'll have it! We'll also have a hot food each night, TBD. 
When and where will we be served? At this point, the plan is to have a normal Aid Station in the timing area, with more substantial food served grab-n-go style in the Gathering Place.

Why do you ask those questions when we register? When we were Invitation Only, we could invite just runners that knew how to handle the heat, or other runners that were vouched for by someone we know. Now we ask questions when you register to give us a better idea of who might need a little more help.
What precautions are there for the heat? We start the race at 6PM so runners can rack up miles in the cooler hours. We'll have volunteer medical at the Gathering Place for the entire weekend, and will establish a Cooling station and cooling protocol there. We'll have LOTS of ice and beverages available.
Anything else? The loop course is actually the biggest precaution we have: runners are never far from the medical/cooling station in the Gathering Place. Plus, on the out-n-back, runners can see each other. We know from experience that runners will alert us if any other runner looks like they might be in distress; our friendly running community take cares of other runners when they need it.
What about COVID? Please see the COVID Precautions page on the main menu. If we haven't uploaded it yet, please look at the COVID Precautions for Perpetual Motion; it won't be very different.

What's the weather like? The average High temperature for this weekend is 97*, and the average Low temperature is 76*, The weather in August in Texas is almost uniformly hot and humid, but may be occasionally breezy. We recommend that you pack extra sunblock, and maybe an umbrella for sun protection.
Under what circumstances might the race be cancelled? The race could be cancelled due to a severe weather event that causes dangerous conditions, or at the request of local authorities.

What time does the race start? The 48-Hour and Friday Night 24-Hour start at 6PM on Friday. The Saturday Night 24-Hour starts at 6PM on Saturday.
Is there an early start?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate an early start.

Are there any discounts? No. All money raised goes  to our Charity Partner
Who is this year's Charity Partner? The Snowdrop Foundation and Coleson's F.R.O.G. will both benefit from the 2021 WRATH race. https://colesonsfrog.org http://www.snowdropfoundation.org 
What is Coleson's F.R.O.G. Camp? Coleson's F.R.O.G. Camp was founded to provide retreat and special-event facilities for families of cancer patients. They also allow their space to be used by church teen camps, and offer the Gathering Place as a wedding venue. The camp directors live in the barn-dominium, which is why we've established the Quiet Area near there. We're SO grateful to Coleson's F.R.O.G. for allowing us to use the camp, and we hope to be able to return for many years!


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