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Sat January 19, 2019 Wilmington, NC US 28411 Directions


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Southern Tour Ultra

Donation Goal: $5,000

Wilmington Health Foundation is creating healthier communities by connecting individuals and companies to programs that empower change.

We assist and finance local organizations that are dedicated to creating a healthier community.

We encourage and educate Greater Wilmington Area residents on a healthier future

?Family Fitness Challenge
The Family Fit Challenge, a Wilmington-area program that promotes and educates families on wellness and fitness, was the first recipient of a Wilmington Health Foundation grant. The $20,000 grant helps support several Family Fit Challenge initiatives.

of $5,000


Raised By 57 Donors

$50from Anonymous
$50on behalf of Megan Hughes
$25from Anonymous
$25from Anonymous
$25on behalf of Cameron Simmons
$25on behalf of Christine Furmick
$25from Anonymous
$25on behalf of Mark Benge
$25on behalf of Michael Favorito
$25from Anonymous
$25on behalf of Tracy McCullen
$25from Anonymous
$20on behalf of Jessica Blackburn
$20from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Allison Munford
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Benjamin Arredondo
$10on behalf of Betsy Byma
$10on behalf of Bret Mohler
$10on behalf of Carmella TalaveraPike
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Craig Jeno
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Declan O'Shaughnessy
$10on behalf of Eva Pittman
$10on behalf of George Turner
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Gregg Howell
$10on behalf of James Burrows
$10on behalf of James Clark
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Jared Glick
$10on behalf of Jared Nelson
$10on behalf of Jennifer Morton
$10on behalf of john syarto
$10on behalf of Josh Gadbois
$10on behalf of Kathleen Levesque
$10on behalf of Kelly Hall
$10on behalf of Laura Weeks
$10on behalf of Leanne Long
$10on behalf of Mark Weiss
$10on behalf of Mary Beth Hall
$10on behalf of Matthew Janik
$10on behalf of Michael Johnson
$10on behalf of Peter Neiger
$10on behalf of Phillip Davis
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Sara Kilgore
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Eliza Gadbois
$5on behalf of Jason Swain
$5on behalf of Katherine Blackwell
$5on behalf of Stephen Skrabal
$3on behalf of Franklin Derricott

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