7th Annual Beaverton Sun Run

Sun July 28, 2019 Beaverton, OR US 97005 Directions


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Beaverton Rotary Foundation

Donation Goal: $1,000

Donations will go to support the Beaverton Rotary Foundation.  The Beaverton Rotary Foundation is a registered 501c3 non-profit.  Funds will go to projects supported by the Beaverton Rotary Foundation.  These projects include many projects that help the local community including scholarships for high school students, books and dictionaries for kids, and many other projects in the local area.  

of $1,000


Raised By 27 Donors

$100on behalf of Sahra Rahimtoola
$50on behalf of Denise Townsend
$50on behalf of Doris Akina
$50on behalf of Hawana Family
$25on behalf of Alessa Karlin
$25on behalf of Denise Townsend
$25on behalf of Greg Montplaisir
$25on behalf of Greg Oakes
$25from Anonymous
$25from Anonymous
$25from Anonymous
$25from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Ben & Bri
$10on behalf of David Guile
$10on behalf of Emily Allwardt
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of John Clifford
$10on behalf of Lisa Conley
$10on behalf of Lisa Morrow
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Will Fox
$5on behalf of Jurea Tan
$5on behalf of Margaret Wallis
$5on behalf of Peter Perez

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Beaverton Rotary Foundation
$478 of $1,000 Reached
Edwards Center, Inc.
$95 of $1,000 Reached


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