7th Annual Beaverton Sun Run

Sun July 28, 2019 Beaverton, OR US 97005 Directions

Alcohol Monitor

You must be 21 or older to volunteer for this task.

At least 6 more volunteers needed.


We will need six alcohol monitors to insure that beer stays within designated area, make sure people in that area are over 21 and to make sure that not too much alcohol is consumed. Participants are limited to one glass of beer. Training will occur through our alcohol monitors from Uptown Market who will be serving the beer and stamping hands.


Adapt Training on Artic Drive.

Resources Needed

cone and caution tape - 2 - 4
Round Tables - 6 - 8

Track Monitors

At least 12 more volunteers needed.


To be determined. We will need monitors to help and support runners along the route that includes parts of the Fanno Creek Trail and the Greenway Trail.

Resources Needed

Caution vests - 12+

Packet Pick Up High Priority

July 27, 2019


We need 4 people from 8am to noon for packet pickup at Adapt Training on Saturday, July 21st.

Resources Needed

tables - 2+