Registering to Participate?

In order to complete and pay for your registration, you are required to set up a personal Fundraiser AND join an existing Fundraising Team or create a new Fundraising Team. You are not obligated to fundraise in order to participate in the event. 
Please Note:  You may edit and personalize your personal fundraising page and your team fundraising page at any time after completing registration by logging into your RunSignUp profile.
  1. Navigate to the Walk/Run Page  
  2. Select Register to begin the registration process
  3. Enter all participant information and click Continue  (more than one participant may be registered at a time)
  4. On the "Donate Your Way" page, select the affiliate you are supporting
  5. Create a personal Fundraiser  (required of you, the primary, and every additional participant you are registering)
  6. Complete the Become a Fundraiser form 
  7. Enter a name for your new Fundraiser (usually the participant's name as it will appear on the Fundraiser list)
  8. Enter a goal for your new Fundraiser
  9. Select the affiliate you are supporting
  10. Personalize your Fundraiser URL to share with others  (optional)
  11. Add a message to describe your Fundraiser  (optional)
  12. Now you will join or create a Fundraising Team  (required only for the primary participant on the registration; all additional participants will be added to the team selected or created by the primary)
  13. Join an existing Fundraising Team by selecting a team from the drop-down menu then skip to Step 18  OR
  14. Create a new Fundraising Team by toggling to "YES" under Create a Team Fundraiser
  15. Enter a name for your Fundraising Team (must be different from the personal Fundraiser name; case-sensitive)
  16. Enter a goal for your new Fundraising Team
  17. Add a message to describe your Fundraising Team  (optional)
  18. Now select a donation level that you would like to donate towards your Fundraiser  (optional)
  19. Select who this donation will be on behalf of
  20. Click Continue and proceed through the remaining registration steps
  21. Review your info, enter your payment details and complete registration by clicking on the Confirm Payment button
  22. If you have a Facebook page, please consider taking a few moments to follow the prompts to quickly sync your Every Steps Count fundraiser with an automated Facebook Fundraiser

Making a Donation?

Please Note:  If you want to become a Fundraiser or form a Fundraising Team, you must register for the event. Participation in the event is not required to be a fundraiser. Please visit the Registration page to begin the process. See the steps above.
  1. Navigate to the Walk/Run Page
  2. Click the Donate button, or select Donate > Donate from the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Select an Affiliate, Fundraiser or Fundraising Team to apply your donation towards to help them reach their goals
  4. Either select from the given list of Donation Levels or type in your own amount into the Any Amount box
  5. Select who your Donation should be on behalf of
  6. Select if you would like to send a message to the race or fundraiser
  7. Enter your payment information and click on the Confirm Donation button

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