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Camp Etiquette
Good Night, Sleep Tight

Sleeping: The key to who's a light sleeper vs a deep sleeper is attributed to a kind of brain activity known as “sleep spindles.” These spindles are brain-generated spikes of electrical noise that function to cancel out external stimuli, thus preserving your sleep. If you are a light sleeper, we recommend bringing headphones, earplugs---whatever you need to ensure you get a good nights sleep in camp. 

Some of the schools where we camp are required by law to keep a certain amount of their lighting on 24/7, if you need absolute darkness, head to the area of camp where you do not see flood lights, etc....and to assisting you with sleeping well, please, bring a sleep mask.

If you are a heavy sleeper, nothing to worry about. If you snore and don't use a CPAP, we ask you sleep in the area furthest away from the main camp so that all can get a good night sleep. 

Where to Sleep

When you arrive at camp, look for the signs to the appropriate area for your tent; Registered CPAP users or Main Camp. If you need help, just ask a volunteer, they will direct you to the area best for you.


Quiet time in camp is from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. This doesn't mean you need to be in camp and sleeping, just that many sleep early after a day of riding. Its how we all respect one another that is key to a successful ride. If you are out and about in town at night (and we hope you are), remember when returning to camp to keep it down so as to not disturb those that hit the hay early.

Please observe this for the comfort of all campers when coming and going after dark.


When departing camp, please clean up after yourself completely. 


If it rains, we still camp. If there is a horrible storm/torrential downpour, we will seek shelter in the school gym or local community center and all campers will be instructed what to do and where to go by our volunteer crew.


Northern Michigan is home to a wide variety of forest creatures and waterfowl. The best way to ensure camp is not swarmed by seagulls or four-legged creatures is to ensure you do not feed the gulls and do not leave food in your tent. It is that easy.



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