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Pace Group Definitions

Important Info for Selecting Pace Group

What do all the letters and numbers mean?

For Spring 2021 No Boundaries and Pathways will be combining pace groups so that we can offer training programs at all three locations.  No Boundaries will not be increasing distance.  For each workout both No Boundaries and Pathways will start out together, run or walk the route and return to the store.  Then Pathways participants will continue with a coach to complete their program’s scheduled distance.  Pace groups have been renamed A-E to accommodate this combo with the usual Pathways/No Boundaries pace groups in parenthesis for former participants ease in selecting their group.  Additionally, there are up to 3 sections in the group name.


·         Pace Group Name: C (PW3/N2): 12-12:30 mpm, Run 11:30 mpm, R4W1-R7W1

The first section is the average overall group pace in minutes per mile (mpm).

If there is one, the middle section indicates average run pace in miles per minute for running intervals.

The last section is what the beginning and ending intervals will be (i.e., R3W1-R5W1 would indicate the group starting the session by running for 3 minutes and walking for 1 minute and the group ending the session running for 5 minutes and walking for 1 minute).  Groups A, 15/30, and WALK keep the same run/walk intervals throughout the session.

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