RunSignup Virtual Symposium (Winter)

Tue January 26 - Thu January 28 Moorestown, NJ 08057 US
GoToWebinar Troubleshooting Guide

We have two platforms that we are using: GoToWebinar for large, general sessions, and Zoom for all others. This section trouble-shoots GoToWebinar. For Zoom troubleshooting, go here. Your daily email (as well as the schedule here) will have the information about which platform you are using and the link to each session.


I can’t access the session.

You can check the requirements for a device to run GoToWebinar here. You can run a check of your device to make sure it meets the requirements here.


I registered on GoToWebinar. Now how do I join?

If you try to join the GoToWebinar session too early (more than 10 minutes before the session begins), you will get an email with your link to join instead of being able to join directly. You can use the email from GoToWebinar to join at the correct time, or you can click on the link and re-register to join instantly.


Why can’t anyone hear me?

Because of the size of General Sessions, all attendees are muted throughout. You will not be able to be heard.


But what if I have a question?

There is a “Questions” section on the GoToWebinar module. You can type your question in there, and the RunSignup team will answer it in writing or out loud at an appropriate time. In general, questions will be collected and asked at the end of the session.


Why can’t I hear anyone else?

If you’ve joined a session in progress and can’t hear anything:

  • You may have selected the wrong audio mode. If you want to connect with your mic and speakers, make sure Computer Mode or Internet Mode is selected. If you want to connect with your telephone, make sure Phone Mode is selected. You can find these options under the Audio tab on your GoToWebinary Panel.
  • You may have a headset plugged in but aren’t wearing it yet. Either put on the headset and use it as mic and speakers, or unplug the headset and use your device’s mic and speakers.
  • Your phone volume may be turned down too low. Check to make sure that you haven’t accidentally turned the volume down too low to hear.
  • The volume on your headset may be turned down. Make sure that the volume on your headset is turned up, and that mute is off.
  • Your headset may not be connected securely. Make sure your headset is connected securely to the headphone jack or USB port on your computer (or the splitter, if you’re using one) Disconnect the headset and reconnect it and see if that helps.
  • You may have a bad connection. If all else fails, try switching from computer to phone audio via the audio panel, or vice versa. If that does not work, try leaving and rejoining the meeting.


Why is the audio quality poor?

 If you hear static, clicking, echo, feedback, or background noise, try doing the following:

  • Move electronic handheld devices, such as an iPhone, away from your mic and speakers. They can cause static.
  • Try lowering the speaker’s volume. Built-in or external speakers can cause an echo if they’re up too high.
  • Use a headset with a microphone. Built-in microphones on your computer or webcam can pick up noise and cause feedback.
  • Try disconnecting and reconnecting your headset. It’s possible the connection isn’t secure.
  • Try closing all applications you aren’t using to free up bandwidth. When your computer is running too many programs at once, it can reduce the audio quality.
  • Use a fast internet connection. Using older technology could cause poor performance.
  • Switch to Telephone Mode by selecting Use Telephone in the Audio pane and dialing in with your landline or cell phone.
  • Try leaving and rejoining the meeting. Sometimes the connection is bad for no apparent reason and leaving and rejoining solves the problem.


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