RunSignup Virtual Symposium (Winter)

Tue January 26 - Thu January 28 Moorestown, NJ 08057 US

We know this is all new - and we probably don't have all the questions answered, yet. But we'll keep adding to this FAQ, so let us know if you run into more questions! If you're looking for specific technology troubleshooting, you can consult GoToWebinar Troubleshooting (for General Sessions) and Zoom Troubleshooting (for breakouts and Round-Table Discussions). 


Registration & Attendance

If I register, do I have to attend all 5-6 hours, every day? What if I have to work one day, or have a meeting another day?

Nope! We encourage you to attend as many sessions as you are able to and think will be helpful. 


In registration, I said I was attending a session that I can no longer attend - and there's another one I said I would attend, but now I can't.

For our tracking, it is helpful if you try to answer the questions about which sessions you'll attend accurately during registration - but if something comes up and you miss one, no sweat. And we'll send out all links for each day to everyone - so if you change your mind, just attend the one you want to.


Can I change my Round-Table Discussion topic?

Round-table discussions will have to be pre-assigned. They can be changed via participant management through 6/19. At that point, your discussion group is set.


I live in California. Why is everything so early?

We know time zones are the worst. We wanted to structure this to allow all sessions to take place more-or-less during the work day, for all mainland US time zones. If you oversleep, we'll send you a recording! For consistency, times throughout the site are listed in Eastern Time, but you can find time-zone specific agendas here


Why are there SO MANY questions in registration?

We're asking a lot of you because it will help us create a better experience for everyone. We want to get an idea how many people to expect at each session so we can be staffed appropriately, and we want to be able to facilitate networking between similar organizations.





When will I get my swag?

Swag will be arriving (direct to your house) in early July. 


What if I don't want swag?

No worries! You can decline swag in registration, for a $15 discount. 


What shirt size should I order?

The T-Shirts are Next Level brand blended t-shirts. The men's shirts are fairly standard men's sizing, but the women's shirts run very small. We recommend sizing up 1-2 sizes. 


What is a neck gaiter?

The neck gaiters are tubular pieces of fabric that can be used as headbands, face coverings, and more. They are sometimes referred to as buffs (a trademarked version) or face wraps.



Recordings and Materials

Are sessions recorded? 

Yes, all sessions are recorded. Round-table discussions will not be recorded.


Will I have access to all recordings, or just the ones I attend?

You'll have access to recordings of every session (but not round-tables). We will send out links to each session, as well as post them on our YouTube page.


I have a hard time paying attention and taking notes. Will you share the powerpoints after the Symposium?

Yes, we will share any powerpoints and materials available after the Symposium. There may be sections of the presentation that is demo-based, and not on powerpoint, but you can always refer back to the recording for that.



Technology Requirements


How do I know if my laptop/chromebook/phone will work to access the Symposium?

There are two systems you'll need to be able to access throughout the Symposium: GoToWebinar and Zoom. You can view the requirements for an operating system, web browser, and any software or hardware requirements for each system via the links below. 


What if I lose my internet connection during the Symposium?

That's frustrating! But all is not lost. You can always call in for live audio, and we'll send out the recording and powerpoint materials later.



Networking and Interactions


Can we talk during sessions?

It depends on the session.

  • The largest, general sessions will only allow for questions to RunSignup, which will be responded to in real-time in by a RunSignup team member. Questions will also be asked of the presenter as time allows.
  • Breakout sessions will allow for chat between attendees, as well as between attendees and the RunSignup team. Audio will only be enabled if sessions are small enough and time allows.
  • Round-Table discussions are your time to talk! Audio will be enabled for all, and RunSignup is only there to help lead the discussion and allow the attendees to share what they are seeing in their area, where they're having success, and what questions they still have.
  • Happy Hour is just for fun! All attendees are unmuted and can use the time to catch up with distant peers, meet race organizers in their area, and chat about pretty much anything - whether race related or not!


Virtual 5K


Do I have to run a 5K to attend the Virtual Symposium?

Of course not! The Virtual 5K on Thursday morning is just for fun, and strictly optional. It's a great chance to check out some of the virtual technology in person, though - download a printable bib, see how audio alerts work with RaceJoy anywhere, test out the TXT results bot, and get a finisher's certificate. But if you don't want to run, you can also use some of that time to check out other runners on RaceJoy, and get a better understanding of what it's like to spectate a virtual race remotely. 


What do I get if I win the Virtual 5K?

Bragging rights? We want to make sure everyone runs the race safely (stop for traffic!). We'll give you a shout-out later that day.


What do I need to do to be ready for the Virtual 5K?

We'll send out clear instructions before hand...but the easiest thing for you to do would be to attend the Virtual Race Setup at 4:00pm ET on Wednesday. We'll run through how the virtual 5K was set up on our end, and what you need to do to take advantage of all the features.



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