2020 Strut Warrior

Meet our 2020 Strut Warrior!

~Amelia Novak~

Amelia - My girl who is sweet, kind, thoughtful, strong and resilient! Long before Amelia was ever diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure stage 5 she was known as the super sweet girl. Her teachers raved about how sweet she was always, making sure they heard a compliment and received a hug. Amelia’s sweet nature was known by all who came into contact with her and she always made sure to leave an impression. This is why when we found out that she was diagnosed with Kidney failure in May of 2019 so many people outside of our family were devastated. We didn’t know exactly how this journey would look. We had never even heard of this in kids before and to hear she would need dialysis immediately with a transplant in her future was scary, dreadful, heart wrenching and uncertain. Our lives as we knew it had flashed before our eyes. Amelia had just turned 9 on the 28th of April and was diagnosed before the 10th of May. To have imagined that taking her into urgent care for what I felt was a conformation of allergies and nothing to worry about so she could perform in her school concert/talent show that evening. Turned into an emergency trip to OHSU PICU with next day results that shook our world. While in an instant things changed, Amelia never changed her sweet spirit. She’s still the girl I’ve always known and now is incredibly confident, resilient and quite frankly a leader. One day Amelia heard the song from the Greatest Showman “This Is Me” and looked at me and said “Mom, did you know this is my favorite song?” I replied no, why? She said “Because this is me! This is who I’m meant to be! I’m meant to have a tube coming out of my belly right now!” As you can imagine I praised her and turned and cried. Thanks to Northwest Kidney Kids, Amelia has found confidence in who she is today. She doesn’t mourn her care free past but looks every bit to her ever exciting future. She loves hiking, bike riding, MMA, playing with her siblings in the yard and parks. She’s ever active and her brother and sister are always by her side living their best lives too! 

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