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Location: Seattle - Edmonds - Everett - Eastside: Bellevue - Redmond - Kirkland - Issaquah - Sammamish - Bothell, WA US 98020

We offer highly PERSONALIZED COACHING SERVICES by fully-accredited, award-winning, experienced Running, Cycling, and Physical Fitness Test (PFT, PAT, PST) training instructors.  We have the practical training knowledge, proven coaching methods, love of sport, and racing success to get you to faster times and further distances with fewer injuries.

If you want to re-energize your running, break through a plateau or achieve a new PR-- we'll show you how!
Active members of our staff are CERTIFIED by the following organizations, which are recognized world-wide as industry-leaders in training/certification of running, cycling and endurance coaches:

1.  Road Runners Club of America (RRCA)
2.  USA Track & Field (USATF)
3.  Run S.M.A.R.T. Project (VDOT O2)
4.  USA Cycling (USAC)

1.  RUNNING:  Road Races, Track & Field, Cross Country, Adventure Runs, Relay/Team Events
2.  CYCLING & MULTISPORT:  Duathlon/Triathlon, Century/Event Rides, Touring, Time-Trials
3.  PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST (PFT) TRAINING:  FBI / Military / First Responders / Law Enforcement (100% PASS RATE!)

SPEED & AGILITY:  Improve your quickness, accleration & top-end for Soccer, Lacrosse(LAX), Baseball, Football
BICYCLE:  Customization, Fitting, Expert Repair

We are the only coaching service in the NW with a Sports Performance / Life Coach with a Ph.D on staff.  She is available to help our athletes achieve their optimum life performance while balancing the demands of athletic training, maintaning a full family/personal life, and striving for success in today's always connected, 24/7, business environments.

We've coached at the youth, high-school, club and national/elite levels.  We have also raced on the track, road and trails as nationally-ranked collegiate and professional runners.  And later in our athletic careers-- we've biked the entire state, up/down and around Mt. Rainier, from Seattle-to-Portand and back, and led more group training rides throughout the Eastside than we can count.

Along the way, we've read the books and magazine articles; attended the clinics, conventions, and certification classes--so you don't have to.  And yes, we made our share of mistakes early in our training, too.  We learned from it, adapted, and excelled-- and look forward to helping you avoid those common set-backs and frustrations, while saving you time on the course and away from it.

Let us bring this hard-earned training knowledge and first-hand racing experience to you-- shared in a supportive, healthy, enthusiastic and fun environment.


Never ran before?  Just starting to run again?  Experienced runner looking to drop time off your PR?  A cyclist looking to ride your first century, summer tour, or "bucket-list" a du/triathlon?  Maybe you're a potential First-Responder or Law Enforcement trying to pass the PFT or improve your score so you move up the hiring list?  Have a son or daughter who is looking to improve their speed and quickness for a school/club sport? 

Come train with the FGS Coaching team!

Together-- we'll work hard, train smart, and have fun while we help you reach your goals of being FITTER and FASTER!  

Our goal is to get you to... "I DID IT!"

-- Coach Frank, Coach Shannon & Dr. Traci

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Individual Membership: FREE

To help you get better acquainted with FGS Coaching, a FREE 7-DAY GUEST MEMBERSHIP to this website is available for you by clicking on SIGNUP below.  With your FREE membership you'll have access to many of our online training resources-- and an you'll have an opportunity to get more familiar with FGS Coaching by reading in-depth about our coaching style, methodology and services at own own pace.

              No gimmicks, no hard sell-- just coaches that love to listen, teach, train, ride and run.

Please take your time, and explore this website.  Determine if our personal approach, exclusive online training tools and supportive coaching style would provide the motivation and focus to re-energize your training. 

When you SIGNUP below for your Free 7-Day Guest Membership, the basic contact and waiver information you provide are kept private.  (No credit card information is required to join.)  You are under no obligation to buy any services or merchandise, at any time. You can cancel your free membership online with a couple of clicks.

If you interested in FGS Coaching and have any questions, please contact us-- together we'll determine which approach(es) best meet your needs:

-  Training Programs:  In-Person, Online
-  Communication:  In-Person, Online, Telephone, Video Call
-  Training Sessions:  With a Coach (Private, Group), On Your Own

If you ready to start training with FGS Coaching-- just click on the STORE button or a link below to review & select which of these FGS Coaching services you want to utilize on your quest to a new Personal Best:

As Needed / Getting Started:
1.  Private Sessions
2.  "Tune Up" Your Training
2.  RunLAB Enhanced Services: Shoes, Gait, Heart Rate
3.  Consultations
4.  Custom Services

Monthly Programs:
1.  Run Coaching
2.  Physical Fitness Test Coaching:  PFT, PAT, PST
3.  Speed & Agility Coaching
4.  Online Training

Cycling & Multisport (Duathlon/Triathlon)
1.  Coaching & Training Programs
2.  Private Ride Sessions & Consultations
3.  Bicycle: Repair & Fitting

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Coach Traci Coach
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Seattle - Edmonds - Everett - Eastside: Bellevue - Redmond - Kirkland - Issaquah - Sammamish - Bothell, WA US 98020
Phone: 425-591-2900

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