The Scavenger Hunt list is on the PDF linked here. The club that finds the most items, or finds all the items the fastest, wins. Here's how it works:

When you find an item, upload it to your club's album in the Philly Mayor's Cup Facebook Group to get credit (or have a team member upload it for you). To upload the photo(s), you must be signed into Facebook and be a member of the group (join ASAP to prevent any delays!).

Click on the album for your club, and then click +Add Photos/Videos at the top of the album:

This will allow you to pick the photos to upload from your device. If you want to add more photos after you select the first one(s), then click on the rectangle with + Add Photos to pick the photo(s) to upload:


Eligibility Requirements:

- Your photo MUST have some part of you in it (face, running shoes, club shirt, etc) 
- Your photo upload MUST be labeled with the corresponding item number in the scavenger hunt list. You can enter the number in the highlighted space when you upload the photo:

- Your photo MUST be taken on a run (or walk, if you usually walk for exercise instead of running) between 7/11-7/17/20 (11:59pm). Previously taken photos are ineligible.
- Only ONE of each numbered item counts for your team. To ensure we can count your items correctly, avoid uploading duplicates.
- If/when your club finishes the challenge, comment with "Finished" on the album so we know to verify completion as quickly as possible.  
-  If possible, drag the photos (just click into the album, click on the photo, and move their position once they are uploaded) to stay in numerical order so that we can quickly verify what items you have found. If your computer or mobile device will not allow you to re-order, it will not impact your ability to get credit for the challenge.
- Photos count at the time of upload, not at the time of the being taken. 
- Runners must be registered to have their photos count for your team.
- If you upload a photo to the wrong album, that team gets credit. Pay attention to the album you select!



Scavenger Hunt 


What happens if more than one club member uploads the same scavenger hunt item?

That's fine. There's no bonus for it, but it doesn't hurt you. 

What if I don't have a Facebook Account?

At least one member of your club needs to have a Facebook Account and be a member of the group. If you don't have an account, you can send your photos to a club member to upload for you, or you can create an account just to use for submission. 

Are there bonus points for the coolest submissions?

Technically, no. A sign is a sign. But we'll like you more if you find really funny or cool ones!

Do the Scavenger Hunt Items have to be found in Philadelphia city limits?

Nope. Wherever you're running, that counts.

Can one runner find everything on the list?

If they can, sure. Go ahead. But it's a long list, so you might want some help from your club!

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