What can your club find on your run? This week we will provide a list of things you may see on a run, and as a team it's your goal to find all of them over the course of the week. The winner is the first club to find them all - or, if no one finds them all, the club to find the most.

  • Each club must find one of each scavenger hunt item. It's fine if you find more than one, of an item, but there are no bonus points for finding more than one.
  • Your scavenger hunt items will be tracked via photo albums in the Philly Mayor's Cup Facebook Group (the group, not the page). You will need to ensure that at least one member of your club has a Facebook account, has joined the club, and is willing to upload your club's scavenger hunt photos.
  • The runner who found the item must be featured (in full or partially) in each scavenger hunt photo to ensure fairness.
  • The admins will create an album in the group for each club, with a simple "Start" photo. 
  • When you find an item, navigate to your club's album. You can do this either from the Facebook Group by choosing "Albums" and clicking on the album of your club, or by navigating to the Results page on the website and clicking on your club's name. 
  • To upload the photo(so), you must be signed into Facebook and be a member of the group. Click on the "Add Photos" link at the top of the album.

  • The caption MUST start with the number of the item (from the scavenger hunt list). If possible you should drag the photos (just click into the album, click on the photo, and move their position once they are uploaded) to stay in numerical order so that we can quickly verify what items you have found. If your computer or mobile device will not allow you to re-order, it will not impact your ability to get credit for the challenge.
  • If/when your club completes the challenge, comment on your club's album with the "Finished!" and the day/time so that we can verify your finish.
  • The scavenger hunt will be open from 12:00am on Saturday, July 11th through 11:59pm on Friday, July 17th. All photos must be from runs completed during that week.



Scavenger Hunt 


What happens if more than one club member uploads the same scavenger hunt item?

That's fine. There's no bonus for it, but it doesn't hurt you. 

What if I don't have a Facebook Account?

At least one member of your club needs to have a Facebook Account and be a member of the group. If you don't have an account, you can send your photos to a club member to upload for you, or you can create an account just to use for submission. 

Are there bonus points for the coolest submissions?

Technically, no. A sign is a sign. But we'll like you more if you find really funny or cool ones!

Do the Scavenger Hunt Items have to be found in Philadelphia city limits?

Nope. Wherever you're running, that counts.

Can one runner find everything on the list?

If they can, sure. Go ahead. But it's a long list, so you might want some help from your club!

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