This week will look a little more familiar! Each club will participate in a 5 different races (plus an optional kids run), with one runner scoring in the men's and women's division for each distance.

  • The official race distances are 5K, 5 Mile, 10K, 10 Mile and Half Marathon
  • All runners are automatically registered for all 5 distances - which means you can run any or all of the distances
  • Official runs must be during week for, between Saturday, August 1 (12:00am ET) and Friday, August 7 (11:59pm)
  • Runners will submit their results on RunSignup (details coming). Results submissions must be made by 11:59pm on Friday, August 7th
  • Scoring for the Speed Week will be in line with standard Mayor's Cup scoring, with a few adaptations this year:
    • The finisher in each category (Men, Women, Non-Binary, and Adaptive Racing), in each distance, will be eligible for points.
    • Points will be assigned according to the number of teams with at least one runner finishing the distance (so, if 20 teams have a 5K Male runner, first place will earn 20 points, second place will earn 19 points, etc. If there is no one registered in the category/distance, no points are awarded).
    • The team with the most points wins.
    • Scoring runners will be required to submit verification of their run (a GPS track from a watch or app, treadmill data, etc) via a process to be posted later. Times must be total elapsed time, not time moving.
  • Unlike a "normal" Race Day, a runner can score for their team in more than one distance. The top runner for the team will score regardless of whether or not they scored previously.


Speed Challenge FAQ


How do we submit our times for the distace we run?

You will be able to submit your results online, from the Results Tab. How-to's for reporting will be available before Week 4.

Can we run more than one distance? If we do, can more than one of them count?

Yes! Unlike a normal Mayor's Cup, you are automatically registered for each distance and can run one, several, or all of them. Additionally, we will score the top finisher for your club in each distance, even if they are top in two distances. Go crazy.

Can we run the distance more than once and count the best one?

Yup. If you run a 5K on Monday and report it, and then run a better 5K on Thursday, you can re-submit your time. Just know that the last time you submit is the one that will count.

Can we run all downhill?

If you can find 13 miles of downhill in Philadelphia, go for it. You can run any course you want.

But...if we aren't all running the same course, how is this fair?

It's not fair. A virtual race will never be fair the way that a one-day race against your opponents, on the same course, will be. Embrace it, and just run the best race you can.

Can we run the regular Philly Mayor's Cup Course(s)?

Sure. We're not sure why you would want to choose those courses if you want to get the fastest time possible, but you can run them if you choose. Just please be aware that the roads will not be closed and traffic moves quickly on Chamounix, and please follow any social distancing guidelines in place at the time.

I'm slow. Will I ruin things for my team if I run on Speed Week?

No! Only the fastest runners (1 male and one female division) will count towards your team score. So, you may have a faster teammate that will score for you, but if not, any points are better than no points.

I'm not going to score for my team. Should I still report my time?

Yes! We'll only count the scoring club members in final club results, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still get credit for your race.


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