Education Overview

The RunSignup Winter Symposium will be broken into two days. On Day 1, there are three intersecting educational tracks for race directors, timers, and GiveSignup nonprofits, with attendees picking and choosing the session they are interested in at each time slot.

More details available soon!


On Day 2, attendees will pick from one of three tracks:

  • RaceDay Timer Certification, with a full certification program for Timers in RaceDay Scoring and RaceJoy.
  • RaceDay Timer Advanced Certification, with advanced certification in RaceDay Scoring and RaceJoy, as well as a certification on other RaceDay tools. Timers must be previously certified to attend the Advanced Certification.
  • RunSignup/GiveSignup sessions geared towards race directors and nonprofits. There will be two sessions available at each time slot, and attendees on this track can choose between the sessions at each slot.



Day 1 General Sessions

Annual RaceTrends/GiveTrends Review: Each year we do a statistical analysis of our user data to better understand trends in the industry. We'll break down the general trajectory of participation, the most effective marketing tactics, trends in registration patterns, pricing averages, and the most successful methods to raise more money.

RunSignup Quick Hits: Bryan Jenkins fast-paced favorite returns! This rundown of the most missed and under-utilized settings and features is the biggest bang for your buck, and is guaranteed to teach even the most seasoned user something new.

Sales Tax and Your Race: Everyone's favorite topic, taxes, takes the main stage! We have commissioned a Sales Tax Study to determine what items sold by races are taxable, and under what conditions, and we are updating our sales tax functionality to ensure that we, and you, are able to accurately remit taxes. The specifics are different for every state and situation, but our Sales Tax Ninja can break down what you need to know to comply with the new laws.

Using your CRM for Targeted Marketing: Did you know your RaceCRM is also a marketing tool? We walk through how you can use lists, filters, and RaceInsights source data to create marketing strategies that are personalized and bring together participants from across your events. 

Recruiting the Right Sponsors: Most races will never make any money without sponsors, yet most race directors have no idea how to find sponsors that match their event and provide more value than hassle. We'll have a special guest to share tips and tricks for building a more robust sponsor program. 


Day 1 Timer Sessions

Timer Business Session: Join a panel of your peers to talk about the nuts and bolts of running a timing business. This is the nitty-gritty of the conference!

RaceDay Products: What technology should you be using to make your race day experience smooth and memorable? The RaceDay team will take you through your options - and the best practices for a seamless integration into your process.

Partner Tools: How do you monitor registrations across races? What's the best process for sharing data access with clients? How do you get the correct payment account setup for each race? Matt Sinclair dives into the tools, reports, and settings every partners should know, including the  Partner and Timer Dashboards.

RaceDay Registration & CheckIn: See our best practices for keeping your participation numbers high and your lines short with an optimized process for race morning registrations and CheckIn.


Day 1 GiveSignup Sessions

Nonprofit Ticketing Events: When and why should you use a Nonprofit Ticket Event instead of a RunSignup run/walk? What configuration options do you have, and how does it change and improve the process for your participants? GiveSignup Lead Allison Bickel makes sense of the new technology!

Raise More Money: Fundraising is key for any nonprofit. Technical Account Manager Natallie Young will highlight the most successful practices and technical integrations for fundraising.

Charity Bibs: Join the Semper Fi Fund team to learn about their setup and strategy for raising money through other races with their Charity Bib program!



Day 2: RaceDay Timer Certification 

Appropriate for Timers interested in being Certified in RaceDay Scoring and RaceJoy. Certification requires a committment to attend the sessions from 8:30am-5:00pm, and a certification test must be passed.


Day 2: RaceDay Advanced Timer Certification

Appropriate for previously Certified Timers interested in increasing their knowledge base. Advanced Certification will cover more complex usage of RaceDay Scoring and RaceJoy, as well as additional RaceDay tools. Advanced Certification requires a committment to attend the sessions from 8:30am-5:00pm.


Day 2: RunSignup and GiveSignup Sessions

Attendees on this track will have two sessions to pick from at each time slot, and can switch between them without advanced committment. Session topics will include:

  • Race Director Business Session
  • Nonprofit Business Session
  • Multi-Race Bundles
  • Race Websites
  • Runner Tracking Options
  • Facebook Fundraising
  • Virtual Events
  • Email Marketing
  • RaceInsights Data Analytics
  • Volunteer Platform
  • Corporate Team Events
  • Pricing Best Practices


In addition to sessions, the Technology Demo Room will be open throughout the day on Monday and in the morning and afternoon on Tuesday. Attendees can stop in at their leisure for a more hands-on look at a variety of tools, including Viral Social Marketing, Race Websites, Email Marketing, GiveSignup Technology, Nonprofit Ticket Events, RaceDay Scoring, RaceDay Registration & CheckIn, RaceJoy, RaceDay Results, RaceDay Photos, and Sales Tax.