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Where are the starts of each event?

  • Triathlon: Holiday Island, 13 Buckskin Lane, Eureka Springs, AR 72631.  The start will be approx., ½ mile down the road at the fishing dock.
  • Bike Rides (UPDATED 7/6/21): Eureka Springs Middle School, which is located at 142 Greenwood Hollow Rd, Eureka Springs, AR 72632.
  • Runs: Eureka Springs Auditorium, 36 S Main St, Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Where are the finish line locations?

  • Triathlon:  Holiday Island Recreation Center – Holiday Island, 13 Buckskin Lane, Eureka Springs, AR 72631.  
  • Bike Rides and Runs:  Eureka Springs Courthouse, 36 S Main St, Eureka Springs, AR 72632  

What if I am registered in either the Eurekan or Half Eurekan race and I don’t finish one of the days within the cutoff time, what happens? You will be re-issued new bib numbers for the remaining races (i.e Gran Fondo, 5K, 10K run). You will be able to compete in  those events on a single-event basis.

Where can I park?

  • Friday:  Holiday Island Recreation Center – 13 Buckskin Lane, Eureka Springs, AR 72631.  You will park in the grass behind the recreation center. Do NOT park in the parking lot in front.
  • Saturday:  You may leave your car in the parking lot of Eureka Springs High School, 2 Lake Lucerne Rd, Eureka Springs, AR 72632. Guests/ family will have to find parking in one of the municipal lots downtown Eureka Springs for the finish.
  • Sunday:  There are several public parking lots near the start /finish line in which to park. There are overflow parking areas located just outside the downtown area.  See packet info maps.

Are there shuttles or public transportation?  

  • Friday: There will be a shuttle on Holiday Island during the triathlon to assist in transporting athletes to the swim start and after the race back to the transition to retrieve their bikes.
  • Saturday:  There will be a shuttle to take you from the bike finish line back to the start to pick up your car.  You will not be able to take your bike with you. You will need to bring you car to the finish line to pick up your bike.  There is also public transportation via the Eureka Springs Trolley.
  • Sunday:  No shuttles.

What is available at the aid stations?

  • Triathlon: There is water and Gatorade at each aid station.  The finish line aid station will also include food items.
  • Gran Fondos: The aid stations on the bike rides will include hydration, plus assorted food items like fruit, pretzels and locally baked sweets and other tasty treats.
  • Runs:  Water and Gatorade

Where is Packet Pickup?  See Packet Pickup Info

What should I do if I lose by bib, helmet # or timing chip? If you have lost any of your race #'s please return to packet pickup, bring all your remaining numbers with you.  We will assign you a new number.  If you lost your timing chip prior to the race, then a new chip can be issued; however, you will be assigned a new bib # as well.  If  you lose your chip after the race then you will be charged $35 for a replacement.  If you have one you need to return, please mail it to 3817 N Salem Rd, Fayetteville, AR 72704.

Where do I place my race numbers? If you are not sure, please ask one of the race staff, if the info below doesn’t answer your question…

  • Triathlon: You will have a bike helmet number typically about 1" by 2".  A bike frame number which attaches to your seat post with zip ties (provided) or will fold around the post and then stick together, tattoos with your race number which goes on both your left and right upper arm (be sure to read application directions on tattoo packaging). 
  • Eurekan / Half Eurekan:  You will have the same race number for all three days.  Bibs: You will have two bibs, one in a ziplock bag to be used for the bike portion only.  The other bib will be used for both the triathlon and the run. You will also have a bike frame # that attaches to your seat post.  A helmet number to be placed in the front of your helmet. You will be issued a timing chip at Transition for the Triathlon portion and in the Auditorium on Sunday morning for the run.
  • Gran Fondo:  You will have a bike helmet number typically about 1" by 2" that you will place on the front of your helmet.  A bike frame number which attaches to your seat post with zip ties (provided) or will fold around the seat post and stick together, and a bib that will go on the back of your jersey on the left side above the jersey pocket. The bottom edge of the bib# should go along the back side seam, not the front side seam. The front catches a whole lot of air. Use 7 safety pins…one on each corner, and one each at the middle portion of the top and two sides of the bib. Don’t pin through the corner holes or the bib will flap around.
  • Runs:  Bibs go on the front.

Do I need a USA Triathlon license?  Yes, but only for the triathlon and the two Eurekan competitions!  You must show your license and an ID to pick up your packet.  NO one else may pick up your packet.

Can someone pickup my packet?

  • Triathlon, Eurekan and Half Eurekan:  NO..  According to USA Triathlon and USA Cycling (Eurekan and Half Eurekan only) regulations you must show your license and ID in person to pick up your packet.
  • Gran Fondos:  NO.  According to USA Cycling regulations you must sign your waiver in person when picking up your packet.
  • Runs ONLY:  Run only participants who are unable to attend packet pickup may have someone else pick up their packet ONLY if all waivers have been signed.  The person picking up must show a signed copy of the participants registration to pick up the packet.

What happens if I am unable to participate due to injury / work / illness can I get a refund? Please refer to our refund policy.

What is the weather policy? We will race rain or shine.  We carefully monitor the weather, All Sports Productions in coordination with both local emergency personnel and race officials will make decisions based on safety first.

What is the water temperature? The average water temperature is in the mid-70’s to 80’s

Can I wear a wetsuit during the Triathlon? Wetsuits are not required but depending on the water temps they may be allowed and/or legal. - USAT rules for wetsuits.

When can I get my bike out of transition during the triathlon?  Athletes with bib numbers only will be allowed to remove their bikes after all participants have returned from the bike portion of the race.  Anyone removing their bike prior to the authorized time or without permission from the Race Director will be disqualified.

Can I ride an E Bike on the Gran Fondo rides?  You may ride an E-assisted bike if you are registered for a Gran Fondo ride only (not Triathlon, Eurekan or Half Eurekan), however you will not be eligible for any awards if applicable.

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