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Feb 28th, 2017
Technology is Hard

Amazon, the leading Cloud provider had some major issues today. The screen shot on the right shows their status page around 1PM today – and RED is not good. Even USA Today, and CNN reported the 4-5 hour outage this afternoon: “People reported outages and delays on services like Slack, Trello, Sprinklr, Venmo and even … Continue reading "Technology is Hard"

Feb 27th, 2017
Participant Import now Includes manual Donation entry

There is now an option to enter a donation during the participant import process. This will save a step when entering offline registrations, since a donation amount can be entered at the same time as the participant information.  If the import also is creating a Fundraiser for the imported participant, then once the participant/donation is … Continue reading "Participant Import now Includes manual Donation entry"