In August of 1997 the Rockford Road Runners started their youth running group the Rockford Wildcats. The youth group is a youth running program which is designed to let kids have fun while learning about running. The ages of the runners range from 5-18. The program is open to all who might be interested in running, and competes in  a series of cross-country meets during the fall, as well as local road races. The group also holds a number of events throughout the year including the RRR annual Wildcat Youth Cross Country meet as well as a free cross country meet held for area middle schools. The group is coached by volunteer adult runners, many of which are Rockford Road Runner members. As an RRR standing committee the Wildcats continue to serve not only the running community but our community as a whole by providing a free youth program. Children need just two things to participate a pair of running shoes and a desire to run.