Women's Only 5K Walk & Run Virtual Race

Mon September 28 - Sat October 3 Greensboro, NC 27408 US
Team FAQ
Can I form a team to race?
We are always excited when friends and family want to race together. With that in mind, racers have the option of creating and joining teams during the registration process. 
With social distancing guidelines in place, racing in a group can be tricky.  We ask that if you choose to race together as a team, you remember you are doing so at your own risk. Keep abreast of government and medical expert recommendations on social distancing and make sure your team stays within those guidelines. This may include smaller team sizes or wearing a mask when appropriate. Here are a few tips if you decide to race with others:
  • Leave greater than 6 feet between you and other racers. Some studies say 12-15 feet is better since droplets spread further and faster with the heavy breathing from running.
  • Avoid touching common surfaces (benches, crosswalk buttons, etc.).
  • Wear a mask if you want to take extra precautions - just be sure you can breathe!
How do I form a team?
If you are an individual forming a team with friends, co-workers or family, your team "captain" will need to register first and set up your team. Choose a fun name and - if you want your team to be private - a password. Then send your prospective teammates an email letting them know they can sign up. Be sure to give them the team name and password. After entering their initial registration details, they will be asked if they want to join a team and can look up the name to join. All members will be required to pay their own registration.
If you are a company or sponsor forming a team and would like to pay for the full teams' registration fees, you can do that as well. Before forming your team, please contact Cheryl Angel to receive instructions. 


Will you bundle team materials for pick up this year?
Because we are mailing packets and can only fit 1 T-shirt in each envelope (with other materials), we will not bundle team race materials for captain pick up this year. If you have a group and you want all of their packets mailed to the same place (like an office), please be sure to tell team members what correct address to use on their registration and be sure that they register before September 11. For those registering after September 11, we will require member's to pick up packets in person
Do teams get any special perks or shirts?
Teams are informal and receive the same shirts as all other racers. However, should you decide to make your own shirts, there is an option to select NOT to receive a shirt. We love seeing the creativity of our teams.
We are also looking into some contests and prizes for teams, but those are still to be determined at this time. 

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