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Location: Omaha, NE US 68114

    January 30th (information meeting) - May 14th – Clinic will meet at Peak Performance on 519 N. 78th St. Omaha, NE 68114 and varying other locations.
    Club ending breakfast date TBD

    The major focus of this Clinic is the Lincoln Half Marathon on Sunday, MAY 7, 2017. However is not limited to this race.

    While these are the 3 larger races taking place in the Fall the program allows you to train for whatever event you are looking to run.

    This programs focus is meeting your goals for your first or your hundredth Half Marathon. Topics discussed during the program will be Running Form, Pacing, Hydration and Nutrition. The program also covers cross training, core workouts, and the importance of having a complete running body.

    -           Throughout the clinic, there will be 2 group runs per week – Sunday mornings at 7AM and Wednesday nights at 6PM.

    -          Training runs will take place at multiple locations throughout the metro as well as running from Peak Performance’s main location on 78th and Cass St. and the West Omaha location at 156th and Maple.

  • The cost is: $100.00 and Includes:

  • -          Peak Form Class – Teaching and practicing proper running form

    -          Gait Analysis – Looks at the foots pronation (movement) and alignment and how the lower leg and rest of the body interact to affect the overall runner and their gait, stride, and posture. Looking at this allows the professional shoe fitters at Peak Performance to suggest a shoe that will better match your foot and body type, ultimately allowing for a better running experience.  

    -          $15 off shoe purchase

    -          One on one consulting and coaching regarding your race, training, goal setting, and running.

  • -           Peak Performance shirt/singlet

  • -          Training log and a Recovery tool.


Membership Levels

Individual Membership

Clinic dates are February 5th - May 14th

Fall Clinics Start in July

Maximum Number of Members Included in Membership: 25

Membership Options

Membership From January 1, 2017 to May 14, 2017: $100.00 + $7.00 Processing Fee
Club Officers
Name Title E-mail Phone
Tim Kruger II Coach 402-398-9807
Jeff Kernan Store Manager / Coach / Personal Trainer 402-398-0100
Club Contact Information
519 N. 78th St
Omaha, NE US 68114
Phone: 402-398-9807

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