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Location: Surry, VA US 23883

GRTC’s coaching and training support programs are based on the Growing Runners system developed by Coach Drew Mearns in 40+ years of coaching at the Team USA, NCAA D-1, high school, youth/elite club level. GRTC programs are specifically designed and have proven to help champion middle and long distance runners excel, prepare for collegiate running and national team competition, as well as experience more joy and satisfaction in their training and racing. GRTC provides the guidance, inspiration, real support, practical tools and resources that serious young distance runners (and their parents and school coaches) can access in order to: (1) improve race performance and training effectiveness, (2) reduce injuries and over-racing/over-training burnout, and (3) most importantly, to inspire a deeper understanding and enjoyment of our great sport. All programs - mental and physical training - are based on proven principles, coach & competitor relationship strategies, and actual workout plans used by top high school, college, and elite/pro runners. GRTC's two main membership levels are designed to meet the needs of serious young runners and their coaches and parents year-round (XC, indoor & outdoor track, and summer or off-season training and racing). Memberships are are intended specifically to complement and support the runner's high school team participation (if desired), as well as to offer opportunities, solutions and individualized training for home-school and unaffiliated club runners.

GRTC is a non-profit, 501(c)3 club, registered with the USATF & AAU.

Membership Levels

GRTC General Membership

GRTC's General Membership allows young runners (and the runner-member's parents too!) unlimited access to the Growing Runners private academy main course section, including enrollment in GR's 5-part introductory course, GR's mini-lessons, and our special "GREET" Mental Training course; plus all the other benefits described more fully at GRTC General Membership, including: "Daily Run" email and downloadable training tip sheets & tools; templates and worksheets; private access to GRTC's Final Surge logs and workout schedules; monthly "open" practices with GRTC coaches (when local memberships are sufficient); and monthly "celebrity" webinars (and replays).

NOTE: General Membership is not private one-on-one coaching, individual race entry (race management), nor private workout planning. 

Minimum Age: 12
Maximum Age: 20

Membership Options

3 Month Membership: $147.00
12 Month Membership: $477.00

GRTC Elite "Small Group" Coaching

GRTC's Elite "Small Group" Membership is designed specially for serious high school age runners who want to take their training and racing to the next level in the company and with the support of other highly motivated and talented runners in their area ... all with the mentorship, advice and support of Coach Mearns and other GR-trained athletes and coaches. In addition to enjoying all the benefits of our General Membership, Elite Small Group members (and their parents) enjoy unlimited access to the Growing Runners private academy's Main Courses plus our Masters level offerings (e.g. Mental Training Elite, Nutrition, Goal Setting, etc.); plus other benefits described more fully at GRTC Elite Small Group, including: assigned senior coach (Coach Mearns and/or other) to support and direct your membership; assigned mentor (GR "graduate" or GR elite/professional); group training-learning (by gender, age/ability level, location); workout planning and interactive customization; weekly teleconference calls with coach(es); weekly group practice sessions (as assigned and run by coach(es) in locations set based on membership; plus assistance with and/or full management of competitive schedule for non-school racing only.

NOTE: Small Group Coaching is NOT private, one-on-one coaching.

Minimum Age: 12
Maximum Age: 20

Membership Options

3 Month Membership: $477.00
Yearly Membership Ending On 6/30: $1,447.00 (Prorated)

FREE "Daily Run" List Subscription

GRTC's "Daily Run" List Subscription is a FREE membership that allows young runners (parents and coaches) limited access to the Growing Runners course section, including GR's 5-part introductory course "Growing (Self-Reliant) Runners", plus GR's "Daily Run" email/blog with regular training tip sheets, tools and templates.

Minimum Age: 10
Maximum Age: 100

Membership Options

2 Month Membership: $0.00

GRTC Private Coaching

GRTC's Private Coaching is available by invitation or personal application only. Please contact Coach Drew Mearns by email or phone to learn more about this program or any questions about the program or would like to apply.

Maximum Number of Members Included in Membership: 20
Minimum Age: 13
Maximum Age: 25

Membership Options

Club Officers
Name Title E-mail Phone
Drew Mearns Founder & Coach 757-810-3935
Club Contact Information
P.O. Box 200
Surry, VA US 23883
Phone: 757-810-3935

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