Email Etiquette & Deliverability

Globally, 25% of emails do not make it into the inbox.

We'd like to help with that.

Check your Deliverability Stats 

Email -> Email Reports -> SendGrid Email Statistics

  • View as a table or a graph
  • View the overall email statistics throughout the lifetime of your race
  • Graphs can be displayed based on day, week, month, or a specific date rangs



Understand your Statistics Definitions


Improve Deliverability

  • Keep your messages relevant, and formatted to be readable: Make sure you spell check it, and read the email out loud to make sure it is coherent
  • Clean your lists: Old email address can cause a lot of bounces.
  • Utilize replacement tags: Personalization doesn't only make the reader trust you more - it also makes servers trust you more.
  • Consistent volume: We know it's a cyclical industry and there will be peaks and valleys, but don't send an email every day for a month, and then nothing for the next 11 months.
  • Don't over-send: Speaking of which, don't send entirely unnecessary emails. It can be hard to find the proper balance, but you want to make sure you aren't harassing participants with unimportant emails and causing them to unsubscribe before they get the important ones.
  • Advanced Whitelabeling: It's not for everyone, but if you own your own domain and understand whitelabeling, it can boos your deliverability.

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