Replacement Tags

RunSignUp Replacement Tags are easy to use mail merges. They allow you to personalize your email so that instead of writing:


Hi Runner!


You can send an email with the greeting:


Hi Bob!


By using the replacement tag:




Since RunSignUp has all of your participant data in one place, there is a lot that you can do with replacement tags through RunSignUp's Email Marketing. There are dozens of tags that you can find at the bottom of the Email Marketing >> Send Emails page. Click Show to expand the full list of options.




Replacement Tag Highlights

There are so many ways that you can use Replacement Tags in the emails you send that go beyond personalizing your communication with participants. Here are just a few examples:

  • %EDIT_REGISTRATION_URL%: This will be replaced with a full HTML link to edit the recipient’s registration with the text "Edit Registration". Your race can use this to encourage participants to purchase add-ons after registration.
  • %REGISTRATION_REFERRAL_REMINDER_MESSAGE%: This will be replaced with a message reminding the user to use their referral link, including a copy of the link.
  • %BIB_NUMBER%, %CORRAL_NAME%, %CORRAL_START_TIME%, %CORRAL_DESC%: This will be replaced with the registrant’s race day information, making packet pick-up emails easy to send.



Participants often SignUp in families or groups, and multiple registrations are associated with a single email address. External email platforms deduplicate emails to the same email address as a standard practice. While this works when communicating general information like parking and directions, it’s detrimental when communicating participant-specific information like bib assignments.

RunSignUp’s Email Marketing platform is race-specific, and it knows when to deduplicate and when not to based on the use of replacement tags.

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