SendGrid Reports

RunSignUp's Email Marketing platform is built on SendGrid, and you can view your email statistics by going to Email Marketing >> Email Reports >> SendGrid Email Statistics.

From this report, you can get delivery metrics in numerical and percentile form. Here's what these metrics mean:

  • Requests: Any time you try to send an email to one of your recipients
  • Delivered: Recorded anytime SendGrid is able to successfully hand off the message to the recipient server.
  • Opens: When a recipient clicks on the email. This number is generally inflated, because a single recipient can open a message multiple times, and this metric tracks each one of those.
  • Unique Opens: When a recipient clicks on the email for the first time only. This is a more accurate reflection of how many recipients opened the email.
  • Clicks: When a recipient clicks one of the links inside of the message (i.e. if a recipient clicks SignUp)
  • Unique Clicks: This metric operates the same way as unique opens - it only records the first time a recipient clicks a link in the email that you sent them.
  • Bounces: This is recorded anytime SendGrid receives a bounce message error from a recipient server. Generally it's because you've sent to an address that doesn't exist or to an address that is not accepting mail. A bounce is recorded when you send to an address that rejects that message.
  • Spam Reports: This is recorded anytime a user marks your email as spam within their email client.



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