Automated Emails

Set Up Automated Emails

Every race should set up automated Price Increase and Incomplete Registration emails. Go to

  • Email Marketing >> Automated Emails >> Price Increase: These emails will be sent to current registrants informing them that the price is about to increase, and encouraging them to invite their friends. If referrals are enabled, the email will include the participant's referral link. If the race has participants in previous events, including uploaded participants, a separate version of the email will be sent to the previous participants inviting them to participate again this year, and encouraging them to sign up before the price increases.


  • Email Marketing >> Automated Emails >> Incomplete Registration: Incomplete registration emails will be sent to runners who start the registration process but do not complete it. This is a great way to reach out to runners who got distracted and didn't finish their registration but want to participate in the race. Consider customizing your incomplete registration emails and add a small coupon code to encourage these runners to finish their registrations. This Automated Email allows you to set this up once and it will take care of everything automatically for you. By default, we send them 3 days after the person has been to your registration page (we do not include people who come back and successfully register – one reason to wait a bit). We also make sure we do not send them out for events that are full, or if the incomplete registration happened close to the registration close date. The email goes out at 10AM in the morning.

The emails will default to suggested intervals, but you can easily overwrite and add intervals to customize. Once you set the schedule for the automated emails, click Save.




After clicking Save, you'll be able to customize the content of all automated emails by clicking View/Customize Email





Registration Follow Up Emails

Registration followup emails will be sent to participants who have registered for an event, either to each participant after a specified interval has passed or all current registrants on a specified date. The same email can be sent to all registrants or the followup email can be event specific, allowing registrants for different events to receive event specific followups. You can set them up by going to Email Marketing >> Automated Emails >> Registration Follow Up Emails.

You can learn more about how to set up Registration Follow Up emails here.

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