The awards presentation will be held immediately following the race.

 NC-USATF Prize Money: $5,250

Open: (Men and Women)  1st - $1,000, 2nd - $500, 3rd - $200, 4th - $150, 5th - $125, 6th - $100, 7th - $75, 8th - $50

Masters: (Men and Women): 1st $150, 2nd $100, 3rd $50

Grand Masters: (Men and Women): 1st $75, 2nd $50

No double dipping.  If someone places in two categories, the awarded placement will be the one where they win the most money. 

 To be eligible for USATF awards, athletes must be full time 12 month resident of NC and a member of the USATF North Carolina Association.  USATF eligibility will be verified after the race. Cash prizes will be mailed to winners after eligibility has been confirmed for all USATF award winners and final verification of times and placement.

Time Incentives  

Bonus money of $100 will be paid for any athlete finishing at or below the following times:
     Men - 15:00 or less
     Women - 17:00 or less

Course and State Record Prizes

A bonus prize of $200 will be offered for setting a new course record. Current Beat the Heat 5K records:
      Open Male ­ Luis Varga 14:08 (2017) 
      Open Female ­ Blake Phillips Russell 16:11 (1999)

A bonus prize of $1,000 will be offered for setting a new NC USATF state record in the open division for 5K distance. Record must be recognized as official by USATF to receive the prize money. Current NC records:
      Open Male ­ Scott Dvorak 14:08 (1997)
      Open Female ­ Laura Mykytok 15:50 (1994)

 Age Group Awards

Age Group Awards will win a Beat the Heat Glass, provided for the top 3 finishers (excluding USATF participants) in the following age groups.

 14 and under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80 and over

 Beat the Heat discontinued the WAVA Age-Graded competition in 2013.

 Fun Run Awards

Trophies for the top Fun Run finishers.

Finisher awards for all one mile Fun Run participants.

 Awards presentation held immediately following the race and will not be mailed. 

First Time 5K Runners

Finishers who complete their first ever 5K race at Beat the Heat will be presented with special finisher certificates after the race.  Participants must pre-register to receive a First Time 5K certificate.