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Race Results

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 Date Event Categories
 03/10/2024SARR Prickly Pear50K   15K   5K
 02/04/2024SARR Great Greenway Marathon RelayRelay
 12/17/2023SARR 2023 Santa Antonio 5K5K
 11/23/2023SARR 2023 Turkey Trot4-miler
 09/04/2023SARR Rocky Horror Run5K    10K    25K    50K   
 09/04/2023SARR Labor Day Whine Run5K    5 Miles   
 07/15/2023SARR Women's 10K, 5K, 5K Walk5K    10K    5K Walk   
 07/04/2023Freedom Day 4-Miler4-miler
 06/17/2023Carrabbas RunIndividual Half Marathon     Individual 5K    
4-Person Half Marathon    2-Person Half Marathon
 04/23/2023Mission Half/10K/5K  Run Cancelled due to weather - no results.
 03/12/2023Prickly Pear 50K/15K/5K50K     15K     5K    Virtual 50K    Virtual 15K   
 02/12/2023Great Greenway RelayRelay   Individual
 11/13/2022Santa Antonio 5K5K
 11/13/2022Endurathon 5K/15K/30K30K    15K    5K   
 10/29/2022Rocky Horror Trail Run 5K/10K/25K/50K50K    25K    10K    5K   
 09/05/2022Whine Run5-Miler    5K
 06/18/2022Women's Run10K    5K    Competitive 5K Walk   
 07/04/2022Freedom Day 4-Miler/5K4-Miler
 06/18/2022Carrabba's Half Marathon/Half Marathon Relay/5KHalf    Half Relay    5K   
 04/3/2022Mission Half Marathon/10K/5K/Kids 1KHalf    10K    5K   
 03/13/2022Prickly Pear50K    15K    5K   
 12/19/2021Santa Antonio 5K5K
 10/23/2021Carrabba's 5K/Half/4-person Half-RelayIndividual Half Marathon
4 Person Half Relay   5K
 09/06/2021Labor Day Whine Run5 Miler  5K
 07/17/2021Women's 5K Run, 5K Walk5K Run  5K Walk
 07/04/2021Freedom Day 4-Miler4-Miles
 03/07/2020Prickly Pear50K   15K   5K
 11/10/2019Endurathon30K   15K   5K
 09/02/2019Whine Run5K   5Miler  
 07/13/2019SARR Women's Run10K    5K    5K Walk
Race Video
 07/04/2019SARR Freedom Day 4-Miler4 Miler
 06/15/2019Carrabba's  Half, Half Relay, 5K, Individual Half   Half Relay   5K
 04/13/2019Fiesta Mission 10K, 5K10K   5K
 03/09/2019Prickly Pear50K   10 Mile   5K  
 11/11/2018Endurathon30K   30K Relay   15K   5K  
 09/03/2018Whine Run5K   5Miler  
 07/14/2018Women's Run/Walk5K   10K   Walk  
 07/4/2018Freedom 4 Miler4 Miler
 06/16/2018Carrabba's Half Relay, Half, and 5KRelay Half    Individual Half    5K
 04/22/2018Fiesta Mission 10K, 5K10 K   5K
 03/10/2018Prickly Pear 50K, 10 Miler, 5K50K   10 Miler   5K
 01/1/2018Commitment Day 5K5K
 Date Event Categories
 09/4/2017Whine Run5 Miler   5K
 07/15/2017Women's Run5KRun  10KRun  5KWalk
 07/4/2017Freedom Day Four Miler4 Miler
 06/16/2017Carrabba'sRelay   Individual
 04/23/2017Mission 10K/5K10K/5K
 03/11/2017Prickly Pear10 Miler   50K   5K
 01/21/2017Endurathon25K    Relay
 01/1/2017Cobweb Chaser5K
 Date Event Categories
 12/17/2016Buffalo Hump Run5 mi  10 mi
 10/23/20162016 Member Appreciation Race5K, 10mi, 16mi
 9/5/20162016 Whine RunHilly Run
 7/16/20162016 SARR Women's RunRun   Walk
 7/4/2016Freedom Day Four MilerResults
 6/18/2016Carrabba's Half Marathon & RelayRelay  Individual
 4/17/20162016 SARR Fiesta Mission 10K/5KResults
 3/19/20162016 Prickly Pear50K  10 Miler
 1/23/2016SARR Endurathon25K  25K Relay
 1/3/2016Cobweb ChaserResults
 Date Event Categories
 12/19/2015SARR Buffalo Hump Run10 Miler  5 Miler
 10/17/20152015 SARR Birds of a FeatherResults
 9/07/20152015 SARR Whine Run5 Mile Results
 7/18/20152015 SARR Women's Run5K Run
  5K Walk
 7/04/20152015 SARR Freedom Day 4 MilerResults
 6/20/2015Carrabba's Half Marathon/RelayIndividual Results
  Relay Results
 4/18/2015Fiesta 5k/10k5K / 10K Results
 3/14/20152015 Prickly Pear10 Miler  50K
 1/24/20152015 Endurathon25 K Results
  25K Relay
 Date Event Categories
 10/18/20142014 SARR Birds Of a FeatherIndividual Results   Team Results
 9/1/20142014 SARR Whine Run
 7/19/20142014 SARR Women's Run
 7/4/20142014 SARR Freedom Day 4 MilerResults
2014 SARR Carrabas Half Marathon
and Half Marathon Relay
 3/8/20142014 SARR Prickly Pear 50K & 10 Mile Trail Runs
 1/25/20142014 SARR Endurathon
 Date Event Categories
 10/07/20132013 SARR Member Appreciation RunsResults
 09/02/20132013 SARR Labor Day Whine RunResults
 7/20/20132013 SARR Women's 5K Run & Walk
 7/04/20132013 SARR Freedom Day 4 MilerResults
 6/15/20132013 SARR Carrabbas Classic Half Marathon Relay & Individual Run
 4/20/20132013 SARR Mission 10K, 1K KidsResults
 3/09/20132013 SARR Prickly Pear 50K & 10 Mile Trail Runs10 M Results
50 K Results
 1/26/20132013 SARR Endurathon Half Marathon and RelayIndividual Results
Relay Results
 Date Event Categories
 12/15/20122012 SARR Mission 5 and 10 Miler
 9/03/20122012 SARR Labor Day Whine Run5 Miler Results
 7/21/20122012 SARR Women's 5K5K Run Results   5K Walk Results
 7/04/20122012 SARR Freedom Day 4 MilerResults
 6/16/20122012 SARR Carrabbas Class Half & RelayRelay   Individual
 3/10/20122012 SARR Prickly Pear 50K & 10 Mile Trail Run10M   50K

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