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Location: San Antonio, TX US 78212
Kids Run SARR

Kids Run SARR is a New Running Program for Kids

Kids Run SARR is off to a great start and we plan to offer several different training programs annually. While learning proper form, breathing, and pace setting, kids will also be able to  explore the benefits of running with a SARR team.

  • Intro to Running: a fun program geared toward helping 5 - 8 year old kids achieve consistent running habits. It will introduce pacing, both competitive and non-competitive exercises, flexibility and other overall wellness practices. The program generally consists of two training sessions per week
  • 5K Training: designed to take 8-12 year old kids who can already run 15 minutes without stopping up to running a 5K. The program generally consists of two training sessions per week


  • Develop an understanding of a running program, as well as learn the physiological components of the sport
  • Achieve the ability to walk, jog, or run for 30 minutes several days a week
  • Encourage proper running form and incorporate yoga and other stretching techniques
  • Develop character skills (setting goals, encouraging others, positive attitude, etc.) and an understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.