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Meet Ups & Runner Safety

Photo from just one of our many Meet Ups: Tues / Thursday 5am Meetup (see for details). There are both morning and evening meet ups. Meet ups are free and open to the public.

Want to find other runners to run with? Finding a group of like minded people to run with is important for safety. Regrettably several area runners when running alone have been attacked.

In addition to being safer, running with a group is also fun and motivational. To find a SARR meet up that works for your schedule, start with the SARR meet-up page . SARR meet ups are free and open to the public. There are both morning meetups and evening meetups most days. Check out the schedule on the meet-up page to see which meetup(s) fit your schedule. When there is a SARR training program in session, most of the meetups follow the scheduled training run. Most meet ups use an out and back course so you can run any distance or pace you want and just turn around when you are ready.

ATTN: Runners at Meet-Ups Should Secure Valuables Out of Sight!
Please secure all valuable items out-of-sight, suggest placing them in your car trunk, while attending any meet-ups.  A runner's car at the Wednesday Night Zoo Run at Brackenridge Park was broken into while participating in the Zoo Run.  Her purse, with ID and credit cards, was stolen.  Don't tempt items out-of-sight!   Enjoy your runs!

 Our Wednesday night Zoo Run Meetup has been endorsed by the Mayor's Fitness Council!Mayors Fitness Council Endorsement

Running and Walking - Rules of the Road  Walkers and runners must always practice safety first when training near traffic! The first four of these are Texas laws.

  1. Please always walk/run facing oncoming traffic.
  2. Always stay on the sidewalk when one is available.
  3. If there is no sidewalk, always stay near the left side of the road in single file.
  4. Do not cross intersections opposing street lights.
  5. Always watch for traffic in all directions - vehicles are bigger and danger is ever present.
  6. Light colored clothing is always recommended.
  7. On cloudy days or at night, wear/use reflective gear - front and back and one or more lights.
  8. It is recommended you run/walk with a training partner or a group.
  9. If you use an MP3 player, remember you need to be able to hear traffic, angry animals, etc.
  10. First and foremost - Safety First! It could save your life.

Trail Safety Tips Running on San Antonio's extensive greenway system or SA Parks trails? Here's some safety tips for you.

A great article about runner safety: Running safety plus simple ways to avoid injury!

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