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Runner Resources


A Collection of Videos and Links About Running

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after the run stretching Post Run Stretching by Justin Watson - An amusing tale of what to do after you run!  (Academy Award Contender)
Image New Runner FAQ by SARR W2R Coaches - Part 1 - The coaches of SARR's beginning runner program, Walk to Run 5K (W2R5K), answer some frequently asked questions about getting started with running.
Image New Runner FAQ by the SARR W2R Coaches - Part 2 - The coaches of SARR's beginning runner program, Walk to Run 5K (W2R5K), answer some frequently asked questions about getting started with running.
Image Speed Work by Coach Steven Hale - Steve is a really fast runner, if you want to improve or even be like Steve (most of us can only wish), then this video where he tells his secrets is a must!
Image SARR Blooper Reel #1 The making of videos requires some practice and take one doesn't always go well!
Image Running Safely on the Road Coach David Fuller, SARR Director of Training, shares advice for running safely on the roads.
Image Signing Up and Running Your First Race - What to expect - New to running races? Reduce your anxiety. Know what to expect. Coach Justin Watson shows you what its like to run a 5K race. He takes you through online registration, getting your race number, starting, running, and finishing your first race.
Image How to Warm Up Before We Run Coach Justin Watson shows us why and how we should warm up before we run.
Image Prickly Pear 2019 Highlights - Scenes and happy runners at the SARR Prickly Pear 2019 Race.
Image Member Interviews - Why do you run? Your goal? Best things about running?
Lynn HurtJim Hurt

Equivalent Pace Calculator

Safety First - How to Run & Live to Tell About It

  • Out Running and Lightning Approaches - what to do to stay alive - nice short authoritative directions.  Hint: standing in a pavilion is a bad, bad idea - open sided building are not safe.
  • More on Lightning
  • Snakes - they are not only found on airplanes.  Learn to identify the bad ones
  • Snake Bite First Aid - what to do if disaster strikes
  • Open Ear Headphones - Hearing warnings from bikers and others is important.  Unfortunately runners are sometimes attacked.  Hearing someone approaching is important.
  • Run With Others - SARR Free Meetups
  • Open ear headphones - so you can hear traffic, warnings, and approaching runners (friend or foe).
  • Tick removal - Mayo Clinic articles on how to remove ticks and diseases ticks can cause.

Hydration and Summer Running in the Heat

How to Find Time to Run - Magic Words of Running: Consistency, Persistence

Shoes - Unless You're a Barefoot Runner

Misc. Equipment

  • Do compression sleeves work? - Inconsistent results in tests but probably don't do any harm.
  • Foam roller - travel size, my favorite roller
  • Rain jacket - search Amazon for "running rain jacket".  Nylon windbreakers available generally under $25 
  • Keep your phone dry - zip lock bags or various waterproof holders

Exercise, Stretching, Foam Rolling, Running Form...

Speed Training for Distance Runners


Post Big Race Recovery - Getting Back To Training

Injury Section

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