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Runner's High Club - Training programs 2018-2019

Tue April 3 - Sun January 20, 2019
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Location: Houston , TX US 77007 Directions
Type: Run Only, Clinic

What time do we run on Saturday's?
During normal marathon & half marathon training(August-December) times vary depending upon distance. We generally like to finish between 8am-9am. Closer to 8am during the hot months. Meeting times vary and sent the week of.
During the off season(~February-July) we have a informal long run(distances vary) meeting at Memorial Park stretching area ~7am. Best to check our Facebook site for times and distances. ALL WELCOME!

What time are hill and track & hill sessions?
Track sessions meet every Tuesday @ 5:30am and 6:30pm. Warm up a easy mile before arriving. Remember parking can be challenging so arrive early!  Hill training meets at Spott's park.
--Hill sessions meet every Thursday @ 5:30am and 6:30pm. Meet at Spott's Park located at Waugh & Memorial Dr.

What should we do during the week? 
You will train on your own during the week, except for track/hill sessions. However, many of the members meet informally to run.

How often will we have track workouts? 
Organized weekly track sessions are included in most training schedules. You are assigned to a group with other runners of similar ability.

When does the marathon training program start? 
The marathon training program starts the first Saturday in August, meeting Saturday mornings for organized group long runs followed by an informative running related seminar. Planned topics include injury prevention, stretching, hydration, speed work, diet, cross training and many other topics. Professional experts will address these topics followed by a brief meeting with the coaches who will answer any questions. Members receive a monthly training schedule geared to meet their level of fitness and running goals.

Should I consult my doctor before starting the program?
How do I go about setting a goal?
Do you only train runners for the marathon?
What groups is the club affiliated with?
I like to cross train. Will this interfere with my running program?
I walk three miles a day. Is there a program for beginners
How will I benefit from a training program?
Should I consult my doctor before starting the program? 
We recommend all members talk with their doctors before starting the program, especially if running is a new sport for them.

How do I go about setting a goal? 
We emphasize having fun while going through the program. It's important to establish a running goal before you start the program. The registration process includes an opportunity to consult a coach in establishing a realistic goal based on ability.

Do you only train runners for the marathon? 
No, we have a variety of programs. However, the majority of our group trains for the Houston Marathon. When not training for the marathon, the group trains for shorter distances while some members continue only to maintain fitness.

What groups is the club affiliated with? 
Runner's High Club is affiliated with HARRA (Houston Area Road Runners Association) and the Road Runners Club of America, in addition to participating in local fun runs, relays and marathon warm up series events. Members are also encouraged to volunteer to help in local races.

I like to cross train. Will this interfere with my running program? 
A program is designed to include your cross training as part of the schedule.

I walk three miles a day. Is there a program for beginners? 
Yes. Many of the members who are walkers start off walking a short distance and then progress to jogging. They gradually work up to a consistent run.

How will I benefit from a training program? 
A noticeable benefit is getting in better shape and having other people comment on the difference they see. Many Runner's High members are surprised at how quickly they increase the distance they can run; starting at one or two miles and increasing to 23 mile runs in just a few months. Many of these runners are training to run their first marathon too. It's a memorable experience as family members, friends and the Houston community are lined up beside the streets to cheer the runners every mile of the run. It's a lifetime experience no one ever forgets!