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Runner's High Club 2024-2025 Training Programs

Mon April 1 - Sun January 19, 2025 Houston, TX 77007 US

Rudy & Ryan - 3:00/3:15 Marathon Coaches


Rudy - I’ve tried running at various points in my life. Cross Country during high school and college, did the 10k thing in my 30s after I broke my ankle, just a hamster on the wheel…I never really got that “Runner’s High” that transcends the physical form. I found my calling in fall 2021. One of my best friends – Troy - had tragically succumbed to leukemia that was discovered during his training for a Rock N Roll Marathon. Me and all my pals agreed to go 26.2 together in tribute.  I joined Runner’s High and nailed my first Houston in 2022, one of the more emotional moments in my life. Special thanks to my good friend Phi for being my intercessor and coach when I joined RHC.
Running has unlocked that inner beast for me. All the times that people told me I couldn’t cut it, shouldn’t risk it, or I’m too old … that’s my fuel. When I hit that last mile, I relish the chance to channel my inner “FU” and push myself harder than I ever have before. I know I’ve got Troy on my shoulders, God at my side, and the confidence that I’ve already won as a part of the Runner’s High team.  
RHC is my tribe, and I'm honored to help lead the pack  Excited to share the RHC journey with you this year. Thanks for letting me give back.
Ryan - I started running about 10 years ago after my niece, a State Champion swimmer, challenged me to a series of Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons.   After about a year, I realized swimming certainly wasn't my thing (maybe because she kept lapping me in the pool) but I really loved to run.   It is therapeutic for me and just a great way to start the day.  After being a solo runner at the beginning of the journey, I joined Runner's High in 2020 on a friend’s recommendation and wondered why I didn't join earlier! I have run 17 marathons to date in 15 states.   Each marathon has had its own adventure.  Whether running through a 3-mile abandoned railway tunnel, over (and under) international borders with my passport in-hand, along a scenic valley or beachfront or even the classic races in Boston and Chicago......all have been a blast.   I plan on running a marathon in all 50 states while maybe improving on my existing PRs (3:09 Marathon, 1:23 Half) along the way.    As much as my Canadian blood will never get climatized to Houston's summer heat and humidity, we have a great group of runners running most of the year to make it exciting!  Come join the fun!

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