Welcome to Runner's High Club! 2019-20 Training Programs

Sat August 10 - Sun January 19, 2020 Houston, TX US 77007 Directions
Orientation for Aug. 10

A few of the remarks given at Orientation on Saturday, August 10. If you missed it, there will be another season on Sunday, August 18! Please see Calendar section for details. 

RHC Orientation August 10

Welcome to RHC! 22 weeks of running fun!

Take 15 seconds and turn to a person near you and introduce yourselves! Meet someone new!

I will give a quick overview, what to expect each week, what to wear and general safety: 

Overview of season

Schedule (coming soon) - 6 days of running, 1 day of rest

3 group workouts/week offered, other days on own. Not are not required to attend any group workout, but it's highly recommended that if you can only attend one group workout, you attend the Saturday group long runs. 

You have been placed in a pace group that aligns with your goal marathon/half-marathon finish time, ability and our assessment. 

You have a coach and most likely, as assistant coach for your pace group! They are there to guide you, support you, encourage you, train you, answer questions. 

You are not bound to a group. You can switch—as much as you want! Try different groups! Bounce back and forth between groups until you find one that suits you! You can switch groups, just tell your primary pace group coach and the new pace group coach via email.

What to expect each week

Each Saturday, you will run with your pace group and coach. If you can only make one group run a week, make it this one. 

Saturday long run with SAG (water stop) — run in your pace group, staggered start times so that we meet back roughly at the same time. 

There is a route to follow! It will be sent to you in advance so you can look at it, read it, learn it, maybe memorize it, send it to your phone, print off directions and bring it with! Know the route. 

We always run in the morning. The later in the season and the longer the miles, the earlier the start.

Don’t be late! If your start time is 6:30 AM, get there at 6:20 AM to stretch and hear announcements. We leave to run on.the.dot!

No problem if you miss a Saturday. Make it up when you can. Talk to your coach about that. 


Schedule coming in a week or so

Your goal race time dictates how you run each day. Follow the schedule for your pace group.

Run each day with your paces in mind; they will be listed on your schedule

Sunday recovery, Monday Easy Pace or Tempo, Tuesday Track, Wednesday Easy Pace, Thursday Hills/ Tempo, Friday Rest

Track and Hills start first week of September and to through December or early January. 

What to wear/have on you

Shoes – get fitted. Try before you buy. Get advice. Walk/run in them to try them out. Don’t buy first pair online. At least a ½ size bigger than your street shoe. Fleet Feet (our sponsor) or other specialty running store. You will most likely use two pairs for the season. It's good to have a spare pair. 

If you have run more than 250 miles in your current shoes, think about getting a new pair. If your shoes are over 1 year old, think about a new pair. If you are wearing model version 18 and model version 22 is out now, time for a new pair. If you are in doubt, get a new pair of shoes. It’s an investment. 

Shirt - not cotton. Wicking, dri-fit. The lighter the better. Try Fleet Feet, Dick’s, Academy, Target, Marshall’s, Lulu, Athleta, Gap. 

Shorts – not cotton. Wicking, dri-fit. The lighter and shorter the better. Extra clothes is extra weight! 

Socks – not cotton. Mixed material. Running socks. 

Water bottle for your run – get one. Use it often. Get used to it. Carry it with you when you run.  

How we run - Running etiquette and Safety

Running etiquette – no more than 2 abreast in park, single file on narrow sidewalk or trail. Stay off the trail if you are not running. There are other runners, cyclists, walkers, baby-strollers, all out there using the same roads and paths.

Call out if you see something: "Runner up!" For a runner coming your way. "Runner back!" For a runner behind you who wants to pass. Hazards - "Step!" "Hole!" "Stopping!" 

Safety – watch for cars, they don’t see you. Don’t bunch up. No headphones. Stop for stop lights and stop signs. It’s OK to stop. It’s not a race. You won’t get left behind! 

Know the route – we are going to provide turn-by-turn instructions for all routes. Print them out and bring them with you on the run. While we try and stay together, some of our groups are pretty big, and your group map split up. It’s OK. 

Hey! It’s hot out here. Drink lots of water – before, during and after run. You will not impress anyone by fainting on a run. It does not mean you are a super-runner if you get dehydrated or pass out, it means you did not drink (or eat) enough. There are no prizes for dehydration. 

And you do feel faint, dizzy, over-exhausted or ill in any way on a run, stop. Stop right then. Walk a bit. Sit down if you need to. Drink water. Eat something. Walk back to the park.  

Upcoming events

--Email this afternoon with this week’s trainings schedule. It’s pretty basic, lots of easy-paced runs, nothing fancy. Get used to running on a schedule. 

August 15 (Thursday) – first email from your coach! The coach leading your pace group.

August 17 – Next Saturday group run. With your coach! HARRA Party in the Park afterward. 

August 18 – New member welcome, orientation and RHC mixer (3:00 – 5:00 PM, Live Oak Grill, Hempstead Road) New members have a “deep dive” into the season, the schedule, meet coaches, lots of Q&A, get tips, try out gear; full club invited to second half for mixer/happy hour. On the deck! 

Please email runnershighclubhouston@gmail.com with any questions.