Welcome to Runner's High Club! 2019-20 Training Programs

Sat August 10 - Sun January 19, 2020 Houston, TX US 77007 Directions


Parking at Memorial Park is currently crazy due to construction and every runner in town starting their marathon and half-marathon training. Please arrive early to secure a spot and make it to our meeting place on time, and check a map to see how far you will be from our meeting place.


Currently no parking due to construction:

Entrance to the park from Washington Ave./I-10 onto Memorial Loop Drive, continuing on W Memorial Loop Drive, until you reach the Tennis Center


Parking lots with meters ($1 for 3 hours):

Tennis Center

Golf Course/Beck’s Prime

Eastern Glades (tons of spaces here)

Swimming Pool 

(*download the ParkMobile app and create an account. Once you do that, it's very easy to park at the meters using your mobile phone. You can always use a credit card or cash at the meters, but the app is much faster)


Free parking within park (it will be crowded):

Entrance to the park from Memorial Drive on west side, onto W Memorial Loop Drive until the Tennis Center

Parking lot at softball field

Parking lot at baseball field

N Picnic Lane

S Picnic Lane

Running Trails Center


Other suggestions for street parking (but a long walk from our meeting place):

Arnot Street

Crestwood Street

Westcott Street

Please see this map for more info on parking at Memorial Park: https://www.memorialparkconservancy.org/master-plan/parking-the-master-plan.html